Back pain can be a result of a herniated disc.

If you experience constant pain in the lower back or pain in the shoulders and neck, there is a possibility that you might be suffering from a herniated disc.

Due to the modern lifestyle, which often involves prolonged sitting in the same position, the incidence of this condition is increasing and is becoming more common among young people.

Herniated disc is a progressive condition, so don’t postpone visiting a doctor.

Fizionova Spinal Center successfully treats herniated discs using modern therapeutic methods. Our innovative technology speeds up the entire process of physical therapy.


Symptoms, Treatment, and Innovative Methods at Fizionova

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Many patients fear that surgery is their only solution to the problem. Treating a herniated disc doesn’t necessarily require invasive methods if you address the issue in a timely manner.

For this reason, it is crucial to recognize the symptoms of a herniated disc early and the most common ones include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic back pain
  • Back pain when bending
  • Tingling in the arms
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Middle back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Upper back pain between the shoulder blades
  • Muscle weakness


at Fizionova Spinal Center

Before conducting any therapeutic procedure, it is necessary to undergo a specialist examination with a physiatrist in our spinal centre.

During the specialist examination, you will discuss your symptoms and complaints with Dr. Jelena Kluz Đurđević, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Based on relevant documentation and a physiatric examination, the extent of the damage will be determined, and an official diagnosis will be made.

After the examination, the doctor will propose the exact treatment protocol and agree with you on the commencement of therapy.

Our renowned Protocol 2 for treating cervical syndrome consists of the following 9 therapeutic procedures:

  • Spinal decompression Tritton DTS Chattanooga
  • Kinesiotherapy and RSQ1 electrostimulation therapy
  • Cold laser
  • Combined therapy with ultrasound and TENS technique
  • Hypobaric therapy
  • IMS intramuscular stimulation
  • Myofascial release (MFR)
  • Radial waves
  • Focused shockwaves (FSWT)

Our team of experts in our spinal centre will ensure that your health improves in the shortest time possible.

The therapeutic process at Fizionova doesn't end immediately after completing the treatment.

It is necessary to monitor the patient's condition in the next month to ensure that a satisfactory effect has been achieved.

Our team will be available to provide proper support and detailed instructions on preventive measures.

In addition, you will receive an exercise plan that you can perform independently at home to prevent the condition from recurring.

Our physiotherapist will explain the exercise process in detail for you to apply at home.

The first follow-up examination will be scheduled for one month after the completion of the therapeutic process.


Below is a detailed description of the therapeutic methods we employ in our treatment process.

The combination of methods varies depending on the type of herniated disc.


Therapy 1: FSWT (Focused Shock Wave Therapy) - therapy with focused waves

FOCUSED SHOCK WAVE THERAPY (FSWT) is a revolution in the field of physical therapy. Its application leads to complete regeneration of soft tissues, tendons, bones, and blood vessels.

Additionally, one of its main benefits is the significantly faster recovery, which is major advantage compared to the well-known radial wave therapy.

How does it achieve this double-speed effect?

Focused waves penetrate tissues up to 12cm deep, in contrast to radial waves that penetrate only 2.5cm deep.

FSWT therapy is administered exclusively if recommended by a specialist doctor for the treatment of herniated discs.

We take pride in being the only spinal center in this part of Europe equipped with the FSWT device and licensed for its application.

Reducing pressure on the discs

Therapy 2: Spinal decompression - Chattanooga traction table

During spinal traction, the spine is stretched, relieving pressure on the discs.

Spinal decompression therapy is a beneficial technique for treating herniated discs. The Chattanooga Traction Table is used to apply this therapeutic method in the safest and most effective manner.

By employing spinal traction, better circulation is achieved, and inflammatory processes are reduced.

Patients feel comfortable during the therapy, and the procedure is individually tailored to each patient and their health condition.


Therapy 3: Kinesiotherapy and RSQ1 Electro-Stimulation Therapy

Kinesiotherapy, a renowned area of physical therapy, is based on the application of movement.

This therapeutic method involves systematic exercises that effectively treat herniated discs.

Kinesiotherapy is a completely safe technique, but it is essential to conduct it under the guidance of a qualified professional.

Additionally, electro-stimulation therapy can be applied as needed in conjunction with kinesiotherapy.

For electro-stimulation, we use the RSQ1 device for neuromuscular stimulation with a high-frequency signal.


Therapy 4: iRRADIA Cold Laser Therapy for Physical Therapy

The use of cold laser therapy alleviates pain caused by inflammatory processes. Patients sometimes have reservations when they hear about laser treatment, but there's no need to be afraid.

The MID LITE 8080 device for physical therapy with cold laser is a high-quality machine from the renowned Swedish brand Irradia.

The procedure is entirely safe and is applied exclusively on the skin's surface.

You can find more information about cold laser therapy in our blog section.


Therapy 5: Combined therapy of ultrasound and TENS technique

Combined therapy represents a combination of ultrasound therapy and TENS technique (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

Both acute and chronic pain are significantly reduced with the application of the TENS technique.

TENS technique creates a soothing effect by stimulating nerve endings with frequencies ranging from 2 to 200 Hz.

The procedure is safe, painless, and, above all, effective.



Hypobaric therapy is an excellent method conducted by applying low-pressure vacuum to painful areas.

Pulsed changes enhance better blood circulation in the region and reduce pain.

Additionally, hypobaric therapy boosts immunity, speeds up metabolism, regulates blood pressure, and eliminates toxins.

After this therapy, there is a rapid reduction in swelling, resulting in a decrease in the intensity of pain felt by the patient.

Read more about hypobaric therapy in our blog post.


Therapy 7: Salus Talent High-Frequency Magnet

By using the Salus Talent magnetic stimulation device, deeper layers of nerves are stimulated with a magnetic field that penetrates through tissues and bones.

During the high-frequency magnet therapy, the production of endorphins is stimulated, leading to pain reduction.

The main advantage is that the patient experiences significant improvement in their condition during the therapy process, starting from the first session.

An additional benefit achieved is enhanced immunity and improved body's defense capabilities.


Therapy 8: Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR or Myofascial Release is a manual technique used in the treatment of cervical syndrome.

What is myofascial release and how is the procedure performed?

Connective tissue layers (fasciae) provide support to organs and blood vessels.

When fasciae are in good condition, they are relaxed and flexible. However, if they are inflamed, fasciae become tight and immobile.

The result is limited mobility and intense pain.

MFR technique involves very gentle and relaxing movements that have a beneficial effect on fasciae and relieve pain.

Elimination of Acute and Chronic Pain

Therapy 9: MS Intramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular Stimulation is performed using acupuncture needles in combination with electrotherapy.

A physiotherapist will use these needles to identify changes present within the muscles of the neck.

Additional effects are achieved through electrostimulation, leading to reduced muscle tone and increased contractility of large neck muscles.

Benefits of Treatment

at Fizionova Center

Our expert team, led by Director Nenad Nešić with 25 years of experience in the field, is dedicated to each patient with the goal of rapidly reducing pain.

This dedication is reflected in the satisfaction of over 10,000 patients who have benefited from our services.

The herniated disc treatment program is specially tailored to each patient, offering significant improvement for chronic pain conditions.

After the application of cutting-edge methods and technology in the field of physical medicine, you will forget that pain ever existed.

Schedule your appointment now and free yourself from pain.


Dr Jelena Kluz-Đurđević, a specialist in physical medicine

After a conversation with the patient, Dr. Jelena will conduct an examination to obtain a more comprehensive view of your health status, helping to determine whether it's an injury or a diagnosis.

The examination lasts for 30 minutes and includes:

Schedule a specialist examination by calling 011 2100 588 for the cost of 4,000 RSD.

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You can also schedule an examination outside working hours or if you can't reach us by phone by filling out this online form:

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