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Astar – PhysioGo is a device used in active and non-invasive therapy.

Depending on the model it is used for treatments with:

  • Bipolar (two-way) and monopolar (one-way) low frequency currents
  • Bipolar (two-way) and monopolar (one-way) mid frequency currents which are adjusted through low frequency wave forms
  • Low frequency magnetic field
  • Laser radiation in the visible (wavelength of 660nm) and non-visible (808nm) wavelength range
  • Ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis
  • Combined current and ultrasound treatment

The devices are equipped with two independent treatment channels. They have a database of defined treatment procedures together with a therapeutic encyclopedia, increasing the ease and simplicity of use.

There is also the option to create individual:

  • programs – for all therapies
  • sequences – for electrotherapy