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The entire region contains different groups of muscles, nerves, and bones, which is why pain between the shoulder blades affects the movements of the entire upper body, significantly limiting them.

The appearance of these symptoms can occur due to injury, or poor posture, and can also be an indicator of serious health conditions that can even be life-threatening. Therefore, if there are recurring and worsening symptoms, it's essential to contact a doctor and seek the true cause of the pain between the shoulder blades.

Why does pain between the shoulder blades occur, and how can we differentiate the symptoms?

To find a solution for pain between the shoulder blades, the causes must be recognized, and then therapy should be prescribed accordingly. Most people experience upper back pain and related discomfort during their lifetime. Fortunately, most of these have physical causes that can be treated with appropriate physical therapy, so it's important to seek medical help.

Arthritis represents a term for a group of different diseases that lead to problems in one or more joints in the body. If the condition develops in the shoulder joint, one of the symptoms can be pain between the shoulder blades and a frozen shoulder, bringing pain in the upper back, and shoulder, and stabbing pain between the shoulder blades when moving the shoulder.

A herniated disc of the spinal vertebra leads to numerous problems, including the pinching of nerves that can be reflected throughout the body. When the issue is in the cervical spine, the pain affects the shoulder area and the shoulder blades, making combined treatment necessary to improve the health condition and alleviate the pain.

Injuries and fractures can also be the causes of pain between the shoulder blades, and along with this symptom, there can be swelling, redness, and a rapid worsening of the condition, requiring a doctor to be contacted a few hours after the injury.

In addition to diseases that directly affect bones, muscles, and ligaments, pain between the shoulder blades can also occur as a result of serious conditions such as gallbladder inflammation, but it can also be an accompanying symptom of a heart attack. Therefore, the situation should not be ignored.

In most situations when changes are felt for an extended period, it's the doctor who makes the diagnosis, and only they are qualified to carry out the treatment.

Pain between the shoulder blades - the treatment that yields the best results

For most conditions causing pain between the shoulder blades, treatment involves the application of physiatric protocols that, through combined therapy, bring rapid relief and restore the full range of motion.

In the "Fizionova" physiatric Center, there is a complete service, from diagnostics to the application of the most advanced therapeutic procedures aimed at complete recovery.

Each patient receives an individual examination and prescription of physiatric protocols that are carefully applied and adjusted during the pain relief treatment in the shoulder blades. This is how the best results are achieved, helping every patient with various conditions.

Protocols for the treatment of pain between the shoulder blades include: Protocol No. 2, Protocol No. 502, Protocol No. 536, and each of them brings a different set of physiatric treatments for the fastest relief from pain and problem resolution.

Don't wait for the condition to worsen.

How to recognize dangerous health conditions related to pain between the shoulder blades?

Pain in the back between the shoulder blades most commonly occurs due to muscle overload, strains, and prolonged strain on the back muscles. People who sit for extended periods without proper spinal support, thereby putting more pressure on the spine, often experience upper back pain. It occurs after long periods of sitting, carrying heavy loads, and incorrect shoulder posture, and often subsides only after moving the shoulders and warming up the muscles.

However, if this symptom is accompanied by numbness in the arm along with pain below the left shoulder blade, it's one of the symptoms of a heart attack. If the pain in the shoulder blade occurs on the right side, doctors may have a more reliable indication of a problem with the stomach and gallbladder. Therefore, it's essential to monitor additional symptoms to identify the true source of the change.

How is neck pain related to pain between the shoulder blades?

Cervical syndrome often causes conditions resulting in pain between the shoulder blades and the neck. It occurs as the spinal disc degenerates and the cartilage deteriorates, leading to ossification and nerve compression, which spreads pain throughout the upper body region. When a nerve is pinched between the shoulder blades, it causes pain and restricted movement. The cervical spine carries the weight of the head, which weighs between 5 and 6 kg, so if there is a problem with the spine, neck pain will also spread to pain between the shoulder blades, upper back, and shoulders, and can also cause headaches and limited body movement. The situation worsens, so it's necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible to provide the spine with the proper stability and alleviate stiffness and pain in the shoulder blades and neck.

Prevention - Exercises for pain between the shoulder blades that everyone can apply

Exercises for pain between the shoulder blades are the best way to prevent changes and reduce pain due to upper spinal load. Most of these are easy to apply and can be done at any time, bringing relief and preventing the development of degenerative changes, improving the health condition, and maintaining a full range of motion.

  1. The first exercise is performed while sitting with the chin lowered to the chest, while at the same time, extended arms push forward. This stretches the shoulder area and loosens the shoulder blades.
  2. The second exercise is done by placing the hands in a prayer position in front of the chest. In that position, the hands are gradually raised above the head and then the joined hands are lowered above the head. This exercise directly affects the muscles between the shoulder blades.
  3. The third exercise is performed in a slight bend with extended arms above the head. They are gradually bent at the elbows and pulled towards the body, simulating a pulling motion that activates the muscles between the shoulder blades.

Each of these exercises can be repeated 10 times every day, and the effect will be quickly noticeable, complete prevention and pain between the shoulder blades will become a thing of the past.

Take care of the health of your back and get rid of pain.




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