If you recognize your values among those we nurture, we would like to get to know you. Due to continuous business expansion, we are looking for a new addition to the position of a physiotherapist. Our professional team is growing every day, and we need people full of enthusiasm and a desire for constant progress.

A mandatory requirement that the candidate must meet is completing a Higher School. Knowledge in the field of rheumatology, traumatology, and orthopedics, familiarity with and implementation of Kinesiotherapy, as well as experience in working with physiotherapeutic devices (electro procedures, laser, ultrasound, magnet, etc.) are desirable. Possession of a physiotherapy license is preferred but not mandatory. Completed massage courses will not be considered.

What sets our center apart from others?

State-of-the-art physiotherapy equipment

Our physiotherapy center, Fizionova, is equipped with the latest devices in the field of physical medicine, as well as knowledge in the field of kinesiotherapy, enabling our patients to experience freedom of movement without limitations and pain.

Our professional team provides patients with effective reduction of acute pain, significant improvement in chronic conditions, as well as rapid postoperative recovery.


Send us basic information about yourself and leave us your CV.