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However, the significance of joints often goes unnoticed until they become diseased and limit normal functioning. One of the sources of changes and pain can be arthrosis – a degenerative disease that causes joints to lose their natural function.

Fizionova Center is the right place for treating all forms of rheumatic diseases, where the best experts apply health protocols to achieve the best results in a very short time. Schedule an examination and witness our results.

What is arthrosis?

Arthrosis is a disease that affects both the bony part of the joint and the soft tissues. It falls into the category of rheumatic diseases and affects large joints such as the hips, and knees, as well as joints in the hands, feet, and spine.

Although many do not know the essential difference, arthrosis is a subtype of arthritis, which is a much more complex set of diseases, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Arthrosis (OA) occurs due to the wear and loss of joint cartilage, leading to friction between the bones. As a result, the bony part of the joint changes, calcifications form at the ends, and the joint loses its function.

Gonarthrosis is the most common form of arthrosis, affecting one or both knees. It has various causes, but the chance of onset increases after the age of 40, so, in many cases, this form occurs in older individuals.

We have had the opportunity to successfully treat all forms of arthrosis, effectively slowing down the disease and preserving joint function. Check out the experiences of other patients and receive treatment in the right place!

Treatment of arthrosis and the application of appropriate therapies (FSWT-focused therapy) for alleviating degenerative diseases at Fizionova Center

As we emphasized, the Fizionova Center is a place for treating all degenerative changes and alleviating their symptoms. One of them is arthrosis and gonarthrosis, which in our centre involves treatment with protocol number 601 and protocol number 603, with mandatory application of focused FSWT therapy.

In case you experience changes in any of your joints, visit our physiotherapy centre, where you will receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Based on the description of the problems and additional procedures, the physiatrist determines the degree of joint changes and the best combination for expedited treatment of the affected joint.

Our goal is to relieve you of pain and restore the function of the affected joint as much as possible. We achieve this by strengthening the supporting muscles and treating existing inflammation. We have excellent results because we prescribe individual therapy for each patient and monitor the course of recovery to achieve the best effect without further endangering the joint.

In all of this, FSWT-focused therapy greatly helps because it acts specifically on the regeneration of soft tissues and bones, contributing to rapid symptom relief and healing.

This is an ultrasound device that is the most modern in Europe and the only one in the Balkans. You have the opportunity to receive treatment with modern methods and procedures chosen by thousands of patients, including famous athletes, in the heart of Belgrade.

How to recognize the symptoms of arthrosis and its causes?

In the beginning, there is crepitation or cracking of the joints, but the condition worsens over time, and the cartilage rapidly wears away. As cartilage is lost, osteophytes and bone cysts form on the bones due to friction, causing the joint to thicken and limit its movement. This is the cause of the pain and other symptoms that occur.

Symptoms of arthrosis vary depending on which joints are affected and the stage of the disease, but the most common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the joint during movement
  • Pain even at rest
  • Limited joint movement and stiffness
  • Redness and inflammation of soft tissue
  • A higher risk of bone fractures

Initially, the pain is occasional and disappears after rest, but the condition worsens, and the joint suffers more. Since the joints of the legs are most affected, arthrosis significantly affects normal functioning and the performance of daily tasks.

Besides older individuals who most commonly develop osteoarthritis, obesity and joint injuries are common causes of cartilage degradation and bone ossification.

People at a higher risk are those with a family history of some form of arthritis, as well as those who put more strain on their joints due to their work.

In 60% of cases, arthrosis occurs more frequently in women, and there is a connection between menopause and arthritic changes in the joints.

Koje zglobove najčešće pogađa artroza?

Which joints are most commonly affected by arthrosis?

  • Knee arthrosis
  • Hand, finger, and wrist arthrosis
  • Hip arthrosis
  • Shoulder arthrosis
  • Ankle and foot arthrosis
  • Spine arthrosis

Gonarthrosis in patients initially presents as sharp pain only during movement but later leads to the development of instability, difficulty climbing and descending stairs, and eventually joint deformities. Prevent the point where they become completely unusable and visit us in time!

Rizarthrosis is arthrosis of the hand that affects the joints of the thumb and the joints that connect the hand and fingers. Hand arthrosis encompasses changes in the larger hand joints, and finger arthrosis includes changes in the smallest finger joints, which hurt with every movement and become deformed over time.

Hip arthrosis manifests as pain in the buttocks, which radiates along the inner thigh to the knee. Initially, the pain is sporadic, but later, it becomes chronic and can completely disable movement by causing multiple deformities and constant pain.

We have also had the opportunity to treat shoulder arthrosis, which most commonly affects people over 50 and those who strain the shoulder joints over an extended period. Here, the disease is manifested by pain during movement, especially when raising the arm.

Foot arthrosis is associated with ankle joint arthrosis. Initially, ankle joint inflammation occurs, and as OA progresses, other foot joints deteriorate, up to the toes.

Spinal arthrosis can occur in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. Depending on the strain on the spine and incorrect posture, degenerative changes develop that hinder the normal functioning of the vertebrae and cause pain to radiate down the legs and arms.

Whether you feel changes or want to act preventively, a professional centre is needed for diagnosis and proper treatment. Schedule an examination at 011/21 00 588 at Fizionova Center, and allow us to quickly and effectively relieve your pain and slow down further changes in your joints.

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