Did you know that ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries?

Every year, around one million people worldwide seek medical assistance for ankle sprains.

When an ankle sprain occurs, it's crucial to detect the problem and get appropriate therapy.

The treatment of ankle sprains at Fizionova is supported by our Protocol No. 608.

A combined approach promotes the recovery of ligaments and cartilage, reduces swelling, and restores joint function.


Main Symptoms of an Ankle Sprain

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Every time we twist our ankle, we feel a stabbing pain in the joint. However, not every twist results in a sprain or ankle strain.

Swelling of the joints is certainly the main symptom, and here are the other symptoms of an ankle sprain:

  • Pain and swelling in the joints
  • Swelling of the ankle joint
  • Pain in the ankle while walking
  • Instability while walking
  • Severe pain in the ankle

If you are experiencing the mentioned symptoms, there is a possibility of a partial or complete ligament tear.

It is necessary to seek medical help to properly treat the ligament injury of the ankle.

Ankle Sprain and Recovery

Treating an ankle sprain can be exceptionally slow, and recovery can take months. However, the implementation of modern treatment methods at our Inova Center makes your recovery faster.

A significant role in speeding up the recovery process is played by FSWT targeted therapy, conducted with the most advanced device.

The focused waves penetrate up to 12 cm into the tissue, leading to better blood circulation in the region and the regeneration of bones and tissues.

Most patients quickly experience improvement and a return to normal joint function.


Involves Three Phases

Before conducting any therapeutic procedure, it is necessary to undergo a specialist examination with a physiatrist in our spinal centre.

During the specialist examination, you will discuss your symptoms and complaints with Dr. Jelena Kluz Đurđević, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Based on relevant documentation and a physiatric examination, the extent of the damage will be determined, and an official diagnosis will be made.

After the examination, the doctor will propose the exact treatment protocol and agree with you on the commencement of therapy.

Our renowned Protocol 2 for treating cervical syndrome consists of the following 9 therapeutic procedures:

  • Spinal decompression Tritton DTS Chattanooga
  • Kinesiotherapy and RSQ1 electrostimulation therapy
  • Cold laser
  • Combined therapy with ultrasound and TENS technique
  • Hypobaric therapy
  • IMS intramuscular stimulation
  • Myofascial release (MFR)
  • Radial waves
  • Focused shockwaves (FSWT)

Our team of experts in our spinal centre will ensure that your health improves in the shortest time possible.

The therapeutic process at Fizionova doesn't end immediately after completing the treatment.

It is necessary to monitor the patient's condition in the next month to ensure that a satisfactory effect has been achieved.

Our team will be available to provide proper support and detailed instructions on preventive measures.

In addition, you will receive an exercise plan that you can perform independently at home to prevent the condition from recurring.

Our physiotherapist will explain the exercise process in detail for you to apply at home.

The first follow-up examination will be scheduled for one month after the completion of the therapeutic process.

Restore Stable Walking

at Inova Fizionova Center

Recovery after an ankle sprain can take several months, and it's not uncommon for patients to be unable to put weight on the injured foot for the first few weeks.

The lengthy rehabilitation process often prevents many from returning to their jobs and regular activities.

By employing modern FSWT therapy, we regenerate damaged tissues, bones, blood vessels, and the rehabilitation process itself is significantly shorter.

Schedule an appointment and solve your ankle problem with the help of our renowned Protocol 608 at Inova Fizionova Center.


Dr Jelena Kluz-Đurđević, a specialist in physical medicine

After a conversation with the patient, Dr. Jelena will conduct an examination to obtain a more comprehensive view of your health status, helping to determine whether it's an injury or a diagnosis.

The examination lasts for 30 minutes and includes:

Schedule a specialist examination by calling 011 2100 588 for the cost of 4,000 RSD.

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You can also schedule an examination outside working hours or if you can't reach us by phone by filling out this online form:

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