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This device, an integral part of our new Innovative Center, represents the latest in regeneration and recovery technology, and we are the sole possessors of it throughout the entire southeastern European region.

Furthermore, it delivers patients a twice as fast recovery and rapid pain reduction.

It is characterized by acoustic waves of high energy density (a substantial amount of energy) applied to painful areas (reaching depths of 1.5cm, 3cm, 6cm, and 12cm), thus promoting the regeneration and recovery process of bones, tendons, and other soft tissues within the body. Only a minimal number of therapies are required: 4-6 treatments.

Indications include the following: "golfer's" elbow (medial epicondylitis), "tennis" elbow (lateral epicondylitis), "jumper's" knee (patellar tendinitis), Rotator Cuff Syndrome, "heel spur," Plantar Fasciitis, "shin splints" (medial tibial stress syndrome), Calcifications in muscles and tendons, "shin splints" (periostitis), Patellar Chondromalacia, "pseudoarthrosis" (unhealed bone fractures), Trigger Points, Cervical Syndrome, Lumbar Syndrome, Polineuropathy.

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