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Visit Fizionova Center to prevent more extensive damage and slow down further cartilage degeneration. We have methods for the most effective treatment; allow us to assist you.

In this text, we want to point out early symptoms and the benefits of treatment, as well as the options offered by our physiotherapy centre. Don't let pain win; seek advice from a physiatrist and start therapy to maintain a normal joint range of motion for a longer time.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic, degenerative joint disease. It occurs when the cartilage wears, thins, or becomes damaged, causing the joint to lose its natural shock absorber during movements, and bones to collide. This leads to stiffness, pain, and increasing joint deformity.

Globally, there is an increase in the number of affected individuals, and osteoarthritis is affecting younger people more frequently. According to research in the period from 1990 to 2019, there is a visible increase in the number of affected individuals from an average of 6,170 to 6,350 per 100,000 people, and globally, from 247 million to 527 million. Osteoarthritis is one of the top 10 leading causes of disability. Population growth, longer life expectancy, obesity as a pandemic disease, and many other factors will make the number of individuals affected by OA even larger.

With over 20 years of experience, our physiatrists are well aware of the growing number of patients, and they know that each patient must have an individual therapy program to lower pain and restore normal motion. For additional information about the treatments and programs we offer, you can call us at 011/21-00-588.

Treatment and relief of osteoarthritis issues at Fizionova Center - schedule an examination at 011/21 00 588.

Each patient at Fizionova undergoes a detailed examination, which includes a discussion with the patient to understand when they first noticed changes, when they became more pronounced, and which movements are restricted. Only then is an appropriate diagnosis made and a clear assessment of cartilage damage.

In line with this, individual treatment protocols for osteoarthritis are approved for each patient. We have four protocols for this condition: Protocol No. 1, Protocol No. 3, Protocol No. 5, and Protocol No. 31. Within each protocol, there are different therapeutic procedures, ensuring that we can help each patient and properly treat every joint in the body affected by osteoarthritis.

During osteoarthritis treatment at Fizionova, the health status of each patient is monitored, and adjustments are made to therapeutic procedures to speed up recovery and help the patient more quickly.

Sometimes, small joints with less load are affected, while other times, hip, knee, shoulder joints, etc., can be affected, significantly impacting functionality and potentially leading to disability. It is important to highlight that our patients have the opportunity for treatment with state-of-the-art medical devices, including focused FSWT therapy.

How does focused FSWT therapy help treat osteoarthritis?

FSWT-focused therapy is the latest in regenerative and recovery technology, aiding in various painful conditions, including this degenerative disease.

The device is placed above the painful area and produces high-density acoustic waves, stimulating the regeneration of bones and soft tissues. We are the only physiotherapy centre in Southeastern Europe with such a modern approach to treatment, which is why we achieve excellent results with each patient.

In addition to focused FSWT therapy, in treating OA, we use laser and magnet therapies. The goal is to slow down further cartilage degeneration, relieve inflammation and pain, and restore joint function.

What causes the onset of degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)?

The degradation of joint cartilage occurs for several reasons:

  • Ageing
  • Joint dislocation
  • Cartilage injury
  • Ligament injury
  • Obesity
  • Incorrect joint use

Therefore, various factors contribute to the condition, which also determines the treatment approach. Initially, the pain may not be severe, but as the disease progresses, it intensifies. It is essential to seek help as early as possible and stabilize the joint to avoid surgery as a last resort in osteoarthritis treatment.

OA is most commonly associated with the ageing process, where around 80% of people over 50 already experience some symptoms. By the age of 70, approximately 90% of individuals experience cartilage degradation.

Regarding the relationship between men and women, mild symptoms occur equally, but women more often experience a severe form when the joint can no longer perform its function. This is also associated with menopause, which significantly affects cartilage and bone density.

We recommend not waiting for stiffness and pain during movement to develop into chronic pain and instead seek a preventive examination at Fizionova to preserve the cartilage and, therefore, joint health.

How to recognize the early symptoms of osteoarthritis?

The first symptoms are similar:

  • Joint tenderness and pain upon joint pressure
  • Joint stiffness, especially after extended rest
  • Joint inflammation
  • Pain during movement
  • Chronic joint pain

As the cartilage further deteriorates, the symptoms worsen, and you will need to contact us. We encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Osteoarthritis affects both small and large joints, but it is most commonly found in:

  • Hand joints
  • Knee joints
  • Hip joints
  • Shoulder joints
  • Spinal joints

In elderly individuals, hand osteoarthritis is often found and primarily affects finger joints, causing cracking, pain, swelling, and gradual deformation. Women are more prone to developing hand OA, significantly complicating daily functioning as the disease progresses.

Changes in knee joint cartilage can be bilateral or occur in only one knee. The problem can arise after an injury or due to inadequate use of the joint. Strengthening the knee's muscles prevents excessive stress on the major joints and preserves remaining cartilage from damage.

OA of the hip progresses slowly, but when the cartilage is depleted, pain can be extremely severe, limiting even the simplest movements. Do not wait for the issue to evolve into impaired mobility. Allow us to help and save your hip from surgery.

When shoulder osteoarthritis develops, pain mainly occurs during movement and joint stress. You will notice that you need more rest to relieve pain, and the shoulder's function weakens.

Osteoarthritis also occurs on the spine, bringing pain during spinal movement. It mainly arises as a result of ageing and spinal injuries.

Each joint requires specific therapeutic procedures and strict monitoring of treatment progress because greater damage can easily occur if treatments are aggressive. We know how to bring the best results with a careful and professional approach to each situation.

Pain is not an option - Fizionova Center is the right solution for treating osteoarthritis.

Call Fizionova Center at phone number 011/21 00 588 and schedule your initial examination. We will quickly discover the extent of the damage and commence treatment.

Protect your joints and the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system; call us in time!




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Dr Jelena Kluz-Đurđević, a specialist in physical medicine

After a conversation with the patient, Dr. Jelena will conduct an examination to obtain a more comprehensive view of your health status, helping to determine whether it's an injury or a diagnosis.

The examination lasts for 30 minutes and includes:

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