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Whether running, walking, standing, or swimming... knees play their role and endure pressure. Since they facilitate all activities due to their good structure, which allows flexibility and resilience, every injury has far-reaching consequences.

One of the essential parts for the normal use of knees is the meniscus, which can be injured and create significant problems for the function of this complex joint.

We understand how important knees are for a normal life and how difficult it is when pain occurs. Meniscus injuries require the knowledge and expertise of doctors, as well as experience in treatment. Visit Fizionova Center because we have over 20 years of experience in working with more than 50 soft tissue and musculoskeletal diseases, and we are confident that we can help you too.

Yes, a life without pain is possible, and normal functioning is entirely achievable. Contact us in time to start targeted therapy and avoid any surgical procedures.

What is the Meniscus, and what is its purpose?

The meniscus is a disk located in the knee, serving to prevent friction between the bones. Its role is to distribute the weight, ensuring that the entire joint is evenly loaded.

Each knee has two menisci, one on the outer side and one on the inner side of the knee. The outer meniscus is in the red zone because it is rich in blood vessels, while there are fewer blood vessels on the inner side, making spontaneous healing more challenging.

Since it is made of cartilage, an injury can occur when there are serious problems with the entire joint.

Meniscus treatment with defined protocols at Fizionova Center

As we've already mentioned, how the meniscus hurts doesn't differ much from other inflammatory processes, so it's essential for expert doctors to make a proper diagnosis and create treatment protocols.

The team of doctors at Fizionova Center is led by director Nenad Nešić, who has devoted his decades of experience to working with patients and establishing accurate diagnoses and treatment protocols.

Treatment protocols are precisely what sets Fizionova apart because they are created as a set of different therapeutic procedures that will provide the best results in a very short time. In treating the meniscus, protocol number 631 and focused FSWT therapy are used to eliminate pain and accelerate cartilage regeneration.

Focused FSWT therapy for faster knee pain treatment

The FSWT device emits high-density acoustic waves and stimulates the regeneration of both bones and soft tissue in the affected area. Specifically for knee meniscus treatment, it includes pain relief and encourages recovery, making this device perfect.

It reduces inflammation, and after just one treatment, it relieves pain to a more significant degree, allowing the knee to move again. This helps other therapeutic protocols achieve better results.

One of the essential aspects is that when it comes to knee meniscus, exercises can be conducted more effectively because pain and swelling recede. They are not difficult and can even be performed after surgery, but as long as the knee is painful, swollen, and red, there is not much progress. This can be avoided through timely therapy at Fizionova.

The number of therapies, the sequence, and the number of treatments in the protocol are prescribed individually, with the goal being the same everywhere – freedom of movement and a life without pain and restrictions.

Causes of the Problem and Meniscus Treatment

Meniscus injuries most often occur in athletes when improper movements damage the meniscus. It frequently happens during the twisting of the shin when the foot remains fixed to the ground while the knee is bent. Such positions are seen during running, but any sudden stops, quick turns, or abrupt movements can lead to meniscus rupture in various ways and with different recovery prospects.

Another common cause of tearing and injuring the meniscus occurs in older individuals. Over time, the ability to regenerate cartilage decreases due to degenerative processes, making the meniscus more worn and quicker to rupture.

Excess weight, improper stepping, and dislocations can lead to problems that undoubtedly require appropriate therapy and treatment.

To avoid surgery, adequate physical therapy is the safest way to treat meniscus injuries. We suggest calling Fizionova for an accurate diagnosis, a meniscus condition assessment, and proper treatment.

In addition to physiotherapeutic treatments, we prescribe treatment on some of the most advanced devices, which provide quick pain elimination, reduce inflammation, and stimulate regeneration.

By combining everything, we improve the health of each patient in a very short time. Our results are among the best not only in Serbia but also throughout the Balkans.

How Does the Meniscus Hurt?

Meniscus problems can arise from tearing or rupturing the meniscus, as well as from milder inflammation. The answer to how the meniscus hurts depends on whether there has been a mild inflammation or a classic rupture. In any case, knee pain is a common factor, and, along with other symptoms, it creates a clinical picture.

The main indicator is a swollen knee, painful with difficulty bending and extending the leg. After rest, the condition improves, but with activity, there is a sharp pain, redness, and local overheating in the affected area.

However, the symptoms can be indicative of various conditions, so it is important to contact us in time and start treatment to avoid permanent damage or surgery. Call us at the phone number, schedule an examination, and you are on the right path to finding a solution to the problem. Do not wait for the condition to worsen.

Call Fizionova Center and schedule an examination today!

Decades of experience and over 5,000 patients have taught us that every problem must be treated carefully, precisely, and thoroughly to be treated successfully.

We have good experience in treating knee meniscus, modern protocols, and the most advanced devices in Europe. Thanks to our dedicated work, we achieve good results and count more and more successful patients. Be one of them!

If you feel discomfort in your knee, schedule an examination and allow us to find a suitable solution for you. We will exclude other causes and make a proper diagnosis. In treatment, we will apply all our knowledge and expertise, and the results will not be lacking.

Fizionova Center is at your disposal for all questions; contact us by phone and allow us to walk towards recovery together.




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The examination lasts for 30 minutes and includes:

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