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We are pleased to announce the successful recovery of our national team captain and boxing competitor, Vladan Babić, who has been achieving great results on the international and domestic boxing scene for several years.

Vladan successfully recovered from injuries to both elbows at Fizionova Center, specifically addressing calcification issues around the joints.

Vladan underwent treatment using Protocols 24 and 624, which include the following services: RSQ Treatment, Hypobaric therapy in a bag, Shockwave therapy, SALUS TALENT, GYMNA laser, Cryotherapy, GYMNA ultrasound, IMS, and FSWT treatment - Focused Shockwave Therapy. We take special pride in FSWT treatment, which provides patients with a doubly faster recovery and a rapid reduction in pain.

For Vladan, a successful athlete, it was crucial to recover as quickly as possible to continue his professional career. In addition to the expertise and knowledge of our therapists, our new device, ESWT - Storz Medical Focused Therapy, helped him. We are the only ones in the entire Southeast Europe region to possess this apparatus.

This device, an integral part of our new Innovative Center, represents the latest technology in regeneration and recovery.

You can find more information about this device on our website, which is located in the profile description.

We wish our dear Vladan continued success in his category, and may his health serve him well!