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Boda admits that he was to blame about the condition he was in, which is often the case with patients with disc herniation. Most people do not start treatment on time, because they injure the pain for a long time and suppress the fact that the situation is getting worse and worse, and that they have a serious problem. His daughter, who is a professional athlete, recommended us and he says that he never regrated that decision, since he found the solution to his problem and the cure in our Center. He says he hit a bull’s-eye! The diagnosis of his injury was a more severe stage of disc herniation (L2-L3 disc protrusion; L3-L4 disc extrusion; L4-L5 disc herniation; L5-S1 disc protrusion). The period of treatment and visits to therapies lasted 2 and a half months. The consequence of this condition was an almost unusable right leg, as Boda himself says.

Watch the video in which Boda Ninković talks about his experience during the treatment in our Center.

In the treatment process, our Protocol No. 4 was used, which treats patients diagnosed with a disc herniation, and consists of a series of special therapies and treatments.

The following therapies were performed during treatment:

The celebrated Serbian actor also has his favorite mats in our Center, and with the "beautiful" sound of the Shockwave device, he now remembers the therapy with a smile, which may have been hard for him at the time, but obviously brought the desired results and led to recovery. He was consistent, persistent and listened to all the instructions of dedicated physiotherapists, who believed in him, and with their motivation and commitment, he regained the freedom of movement.



Slobodan Boda Ninković was born in Smederevo on November 25, 1956. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade.

He was a permanent member of the theater Boško Buha from 1986 to 1995, during which time he acted in over 30 premieres in plays he performed about 2,000 times, including: Little Red Riding Hood, Vasilisa, The Wizard of Oz, When It Was Dark.

At the same time, he played in other theaters such as: Belgrade Drama Theater, Bitef Theater, National Theater in Belgrade and Zvezdara Theater, and since 1995 he has been a permanent member of the Yugoslav Drama Theater. He had notable roles in both movies and popular television series.

He has received several major awards and recognitions for his theatrical work.