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Your career with us

Your career with us

The health of our patients comes first. BECOME A PART OF OUR TEAM! On this page, you can leave your information and send us your CV and thus apply for a job at our physiotherapy centre at any time.

Why should you work with us in our centre?

Over 1,500 satisfied patients

What sets our physiotherapy centre apart is the fact that each of our patients receive our maximum dedication and are provided with help and support before the therapy, during the therapy cycle itself, as well as after the therapy is completed.

We have the honour of successfully treating and recuperating our famous athletes such as Mihail Dudaš, Novica Velicković, Vladimir Lučić, Slobodan Bitević, members of the women's volleyball national team of Serbia and many others.

What sets our centre apart from others?

Cutting-edge equipment for physical therapy

Our physiotherapy centre Fizionova is equipped with cutting-edge equipment in the field of physical medicine as well as knowledge in the field of kinesitherapy. Through them we enable freedom of movement to our patients, without restrictions and pain.

Our expert team provides patients with efficient reduction of acute pain, significant improvement of chronic conditions, as well as fast postoperative recovery.


If you have recognized your values among those we nurture, we would like to meet you. Due to the continuous expansion of our work, we are looking for new reinforcements in the physiotherapist position. Our professional team is growing every day and we need people full of enthusiasm and desire for constant improvement. 

The obligatory condition that the candidate must fulfil is a college degree in health and/or sports. Knowledge in the field of rheumatology, traumatology and orthopaedics, knowledge and implementation of kinesitherapy, as well as experience in working with physiotherapeutic devices (electro procedures, laser, ultrasound, magnet, etc.) is desirable. It is also desirable to have a physiotherapeutic license, but not necessary. Completed massage courses will not be considered when hiring.


Fill in the required information and leave us your CV.

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