Terms of use

General Provisions

Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations regarding the use of website www.fizionova.rs (hereinafter: Website). 

Website www.fizionova.rs represents exclusive ownership of Ambulance for Rehabilitation “FIZIONOVA” Nenad Nešić PR from Belgrade, Zemun, 16 Teodora Hercla St, registration number: 64641808, TIN: 110086908 (hereinafter: Fizionova).

Terms of Use are integral part of Website and together with the Privacy policy and the Cookie Policy represents the Contract between Fizionova and each individual user of Website. 

Users by accessing and using Website, become legally bound by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy i.e. by this Contract.

In case the user doesn’t agree with certain provisions of the relevant documentation, Fizionova invites the user to stop using the Website.

Fizionova is dedicated to the protection and enforcement of personal rights, privacy, data protection, as well as copyright, in all respects according to the rules of information profession, good business practice and in accordance with applicable legal regulations of Republic of Serbia.

Website description

Website www.fizionova.rs is designed with the goal to provide interested parties with information regarding Physiotherapy Center Fizionova and about services that Physiotherapy Center Fizionova provides.

Websites of third parties

Website can contain links toward third party websites that have their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

Fizionova doesn’t have control over the third party websites, nor it bare responsibility for that kind of websites, nor for Terms of Use and Privacy policy of that kind of websites that are applicable on their own users and visitors.

In case that the links toward third party websites are posted on the Website, that can’t be considered as Fizionova recommends products and services offered on this websites.

Integrity of Website

Fizionova may, in accordance with the law. collect certain data about visits obtained during the use of the Website. This data Fizionova may use for gathering information necessary for improving Website and its service, and so it could further direct and tailor it for the users. 

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights regarding the Website, all related documentation and copies of the same, as well as all the material (such as news, blogs, testimonials), unless otherwise can be deducted from this Terms of Use, represent sole and exclusive property of Fizionova. 

Intellectual property rights are copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks, design rights, title, trade secrets, know-how and every other form of registered and unregistered intellectual property rights.

Every copying and downloading of materials from the Website, either in whole or in part, is possible only with prior consent obtained from Fizonova, otherwise it will be considered that the intellectual property rights are infringed and Fizionova will take all legal means necessary for protection of its rights in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of Republic of Serbia.

Fizionova allows the material from the Website to be posted/shared on social networks with clear indication it is material downloaded from the Fizionova’s website.

Fizionova also allows for users to download the material from the Website for personal and non-commercial purposes. 

Name and Logo

Name, logo and business name of Fizionova can’t be used without consent from Fizionova or with consent in accordance with this Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. 


User have the opportunity to choose on the Site to receive on the registered e-mail address Newsletters with news and notifications related to Fizionova's services. 

User can register and unsubscribe at any time on the Site to receive or to stop receiving the Newsletter.


Limitation of liability applies to all damage (material and/or non-material), that could result from hidden defects, errors, interruptions, deletions, malfunctions, delays in the operation or transmission of computer viruses, communication interruptions, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to data, alteration or misuse of data by third parties, termination of the contract, conduct contrary to the Terms of Use, negligence or otherwise.

Fizionova is not responsible for prospective temporary unavailability of the Website, nor for partial or complete malfunctioning or wrong functioning of the Website. Fizionova is not responsible for technical problems that may lead to delays and/or incorrect processing of electronic data. For above mention are responsible providers of internet services. 

Website may be temporary unavailable or available to a limited extent, as a result of regular or extraordinary maintenance of system, or in case of system upgrade, about which the users will be notified thorough the Website.

Use of the Website by minors

Website is available for the persons that turned 18 years or older, as well as for persons under the age of 18 if the consent of the holder of parental responsibility (parent, guardian, legal representative of minor) over the minor is obtained. 

By accepting the Terms of Use, natural person confirms that he/she has turned 18 years of age, or that if necessary, the consent of holder of parental responsibility has been obtained. 

Nullity of provisions

In case it is determined by competent court that any provision of the Contract (the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or the Cookie Policy) is null and void, it will not affect the other provisions of the Contract, which will continue to have full legal effect. 


Fizionova reserves the right to change or modify the applicable Terms of Use of the Website.

Fizionova will notify users that the Terms of Use are changed through the Website or via email, if provided by user.

If user doesn’t accept changes of the Terms of Use, Fizionova kindly asks user to stop using the Website.

Changes to the Terms of Use begin to take legal effect from the date of publication on the Website www. fizionova.rs.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For Terms of Use and its changes applicable law is the law of Republic of Serbia. 

In case of any dispute that may arise from this Contract, it will be attempted to settle it amicably, and if it fails, dispute will be settled before the competent court in Republic of Serbia. 


For any questions or information regarding the Website, data protection as well as for inquiries regarding specific services, you can contact us through email address office@fizionova.rs, phone number +381 11 21 00 588  and in writing to the address in Belgrade, Zemun, 16 Teodora Hercla St.

Terms of Use were adopted on 16.08.2021 and will enter into force on the day of its publication.

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