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Gymna and Astar

Field devices

When combined, the treatments with these two devices are effective with all bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle and nerve injuries and conditions. Their greatest advantage is mobility, as well as being a complete therapy package (electromagnetic, ultrasound and laser therapies).


Astar – PhysioGo is a device used in active and non-invasive therapy.

Depending on the model it is used for treatments with:

Bipolar (two-way) and monopolar (one-way) low frequency currents
Bipolar (two-way) and monopolar (one-way) mid frequency currents which are adjusted through low frequency wave forms
Low frequency magnetic field
Laser radiation in the visible (wavelength of 660nm) and non-visible (808nm) wavelength range
Ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis
Combined current and ultrasound treatment

The devices are equipped with two independent treatment channels. They have a database of defined treatment procedures together with a therapeutic encyclopedia, increasing the ease and simplicity of use.

There is also the option to create individual:

programs – for all therapies
sequences – for electrotherapy


The Gymna 400 is a state of the art therapeutic device.

Owing to its revolutionary treatment solutions, it helps achieve the three most important therapeutic goals: pain relief, tissue healing and muscle stimulation by using electrotherapy, ultrasound or laser.

The screen is designed to provide clear and efficient guidance to the patient through all of its multiple functions.

It is a unique device in physiotherapy with more than 25 forms of electrotherapy, with a therapeutic encyclopedia and a database of treatments provided in cooperation with world-renowned university clinics. It can administer treatment to two patients at the same time, as well as combine ultrasound and current therapies. In that way a greater and deeper therapeutic effect is achieved.

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