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Salus Talent

Salus Talent is a unique therapeutic device used for transcutaneous magnetic stimulation. It represents a modern way of treating neuro-muscular conditions by using a very powerful magnetic field of up to 2,5T (25000 gauss). The treatment is performed without contact, over clothes.

Biological effect:

Deep muscle and nerve layer stimulation, due to the strong magnetic field penetrating through all tissue including bone and stimulating all structures. In comparison, when using the classic electro therapy, the current flows mostly through the body surface.
It efficiently treats neurological problems such as: periphery nerve damage, degenerative muscle damage, atrophy…

The advantage of Salus Talent treatment:

Analgesic effect with increased endorphin production (50-60% less pain after first therapy session)
Increase in cell membrane permeability and K-Na pump output
Regulation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
Increase in leukocyte production
Increase in collagen production
Anti-inflammatory effect
Faster bone healing rate
The method is non-invasive
The treatment is completely safe and without a direct contact with the patient
Short treatment time
Positive and painless patient experience



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