RSQ1 is a unique device used for neuromuscular stimulation with hi-frequency signal of over 10kHz. Its advantages over other electrotherapy devices are: almost immediate increase in blood circulation, creation of hypertrophy, increase in blood saturation, creation of a large number of motor units, as well as creating a quick analgesic effect.

You can feel the efficiency of this revolutionary device, only in the Balkans, at Fizionova center.

Biological effects:

Anti-inflammatory effect
Increase in movement range
Constant frequency increase – increase in patient comfort

Neurological effects:

Neuromotor reeducation
Pain control


Muscle injuries of first, second, third degree
Osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, foot
PFPS Syndrome
Chronic pain
Tendinitis, tendinopathy
Muscular dystrophy
Sprains, subluxation, luxation
Postoperative recovery


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