(Triton DTS)

Chattanooga is one of the most modern traction and spinal decompression table, and represents a non-surgical treatment option for several conditions. It provides an ideal type of therapy for patients who fear manual chiropractic. This device is approved by the American FDA, which is the most rigorous drug and medical equipment agency in the world.

Biological effects:

Analgesic effect
Spasmolytic effect (ligaments, muscles)
Reduction of intradiscal pressure
Increase in intervertebral foramen diameter
Nerve root decompression
Possible disc retraction
Mobilization of joints and muscles
Blood flow increase
Anti-inflammatory effect

Traction results:

Reduced back pain
Increase in movement range
Reduction of hypertonia

Functional improvements:

Increased patient participation in exercises
Increased work endurance
Increased everyday life activities


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