In our blog, you can expect educational and informative texts, as well as video clips, about injury prevention, pain, physical therapy and treatment methods in our physiotherapy center.

Blog 1 + video

Pain in the back and lower back

Welcome to the first BLOG of the physiotherapy center Fizionova!Our chief therapist, Nemanja Marjanović, will explain to you how pain most often occurs in back and lower back and how you can protect yourself so that the injury, that is, disc herniation, doesn’t happen. We will show you the bes..

Blog 2 + video

Anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL)

Welcome to the secnd BLOG of the physiotherapy center Fizionova!As you already know, our chief therapist Nemanja Marjanović will once again guide you through the video and explain to you how the most common injuries of the ACL occur, and which preventive exercises you can do to protect yourself from..

Blog 3 + video

Frozen shoulder

Welcome to the third BLOG of the Fizionova Physiotherapy Center!Our chief therapist Nemanja Marjanović will take you through another interesting topic as well and briefly explain everything related to the frozen shoulder syndrome.What is a frozen shoulder?Frozen shoulder is an injury, that is, a syn..

Blog 4 + video

Cervical syndrome

Welcome to the fourth BLOG of the Fizionova Physiotherapy Center!As many already know, our chief therapist Nemanja Marjanović will once again guide you through the explanation of the injury and this painful condition, a detailed explanation of the therapy, as well as the presentation of preventive e..

Blog 5 + video

Lower back pain

Acute and chronic lower back painLower back pain is divided into acute and chronic:Acute back pain occurs suddenly and often does not last more than a few days or a couple of weeks.The most common cause of acute pain is mechanical damage (falls, sudden movements and stretching). Patients describe th..

Blog 6 + video

Impotence – a potency problem

What is impotence?Impotence or a potency problem is the partial or complete inability of a man to have satisfactory sexual activity, or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough during sexual intercourse to be acceptable to both partners. Professionally, this condition is called i..

Blog 7 + video

Heel spur

What is a heel spur and who does it afflict most often?Heel spur is a common source of heel pain. This is a problem that occurs mainly in people who stand, walk or sit too much, and often occurs in athletes whose regime requires a lot of movement.This disease involves micro-damage to the plantar fas..

Blog 8 + video

Sciatica - symptoms and treatment

What is sciatica and how does it occur?Sciatica is a condition that affects your sciatic nerve - which is also the largest nerve in our body and spreads from the lower back, through the hips, glutei and both legs. This condition occurs mainly due to lumbar disc herniation (disc herniation) or spinal..

Blog 9 + video


The cervical part of the human spine consists of seven segments of bone with cartilaginous intervertebral discs between each body of the spine - the vertebrae, which we call C1 to C7.This is our neck that supports the weight of our head and at the same time protects the nerves that transmit sensory ..

Blog 10 + video

Corrective exercises for employees

Welcome to the fifth BLOG of the Fizionova Physiotherapy Center!Bad posture is a growing problem of modern society. What leads to poor posture is sitting or standing at work for too long, as well as unbalanced exercise with repetitive movements.A special problem can occur in case of a large number o..

Blog 11 + video



Blog 12 + video

Disc protrusion - causes, symptoms and treatment


Blog 13 + video

Tingling in the hands and weakness in the hands


Blog 14 + video

Neck pain - symptoms and treatment


Blog 15 + video

Knee pain - causes and treatment


Blog 16 + video

Leg tingling - causes and treatment


Blog 17 + video

Birger's disease - causes, symptoms and treatment


Blog 18 + video

Muscular dystrophy - causes and treatment


Blog 19 + video

Jumping knee - patellar tendinitis treatment


Blog 20 + video

Natural remedies for potency


Blog 21 + video

Golf elbow - medial epicondylitis - symptoms and treatment


Blog 22 + video

A natural remedy for potency - improving potency


Blog 23 + video

Spinal disc herniation treatment

Two most common disc herniation types are lumbar and cervical syndrome.In the case of lumbar disc herniation, your back may ache due to sitting long in one position or performing the same activities continuously (standing, carrying heavy objects, etc.) which results in pain in the back muscles. We u..

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