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Corrective exercises for employees | Fizionova Beograd, Zemun

Corrective exercises for employees

Do you feel pain in your neck or lower back? Is it getting more difficult to sit at work for a longer period of time or perform physical activities? Make your daily activities easier with corrective exercises - read the text and watch the video for more info.

Welcome to the fifth BLOG of the Fizionova Physiotherapy Center!

Bad posture is a growing problem of modern society. What leads to poor posture is sitting or standing at work for too long, as well as unbalanced exercise with repetitive movements.

A special problem can occur in case of a large number of repetitive movements with a load in the workplace that are a pattern, and can lead to neck and lumbar spine pain. Also, just sitting all day at work is a cause of a large number of spine-related issues.

Vezbe za zaposlene
Vezbe za zaposlene

Proper posture of the body, exercises that strengthen the stabilizers of the inner and outer spine and the introduction of three-dimensional movements enrich the movement pattern. In that way, the body is adequately prepared for the strain before it, which leads to the prevention of neck and lumbar spine pain.

For information on how to strengthen all muscles evenly with the help of exercises that you can do at home, as well as how much time you need to set aside for them daily to feel the benefits, please see our VLOG.

Watch the video:


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